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What is sugaring? Body sugaring is an ancient art of hair removal using natural paste made from lemon, sugar, and water. Sugaring was discovered & originated in Egypt dating back to 300 B.C. With the skin care industry becoming more “health conscious” and seeking more organic methods for healthier skin, “sugaring” has gained increased popularity. Surprisingly, sugaring hair removal is less painful than waxing. Even though sugaring removes hair from the root, it does so without pulling the skin. The secret is that the sugar paste only sticks to hair, as opposed to wax, which adheres to hair and skin cells. Even though there is no way to 100 percent prevent ingrown hair, as they are a natural side effect of hair removal, sugaring removes dead skin cells and residue that clogs hair follicles. Using this method can remove hair as short as 1/16-of-an-inch. In short, sugaring paste can remove much shorter hair than waxing. Most people say sugaring is less painful and tends to cause less redness and irritation than waxing. Sugaring is great for all skin types including sensitive skin!

Eyebrows $20
Lip $12
Chin $18
Lip & Brow $28
Full Face $55 (Includes Eyebrows)
Bikini $50
Brazilian $78
Brazilian Maintenance $65 (Every 4-6 Weeks)
Full Leg $90
Half Leg Lower $50
Half Leg Upper $60
Full Arms $55
Half Arms $45
Underarms $25
Back $55
Stomach $40
Chest $45
Stomach & Chest $75

Permanent Hair Removal by Epilfree

Epilfree is an all-natural formula used post Sugaring. It works on empty follicles and stops the cell division process thus stopping any future hair growth. The treatment itself is quick only adding on 15 minutes to any sugaring appointment, it is not painful and requires no downtime post procedure. For best results one will need on average 12 treatments.

Below is the add on pricing to any sugaring treatment. Custom packages are available call spa for more details.

*Includes sugaring of body part and application of epilfree
Brazilian $150
Bikini $100
Lip $37
Brow $60
Chest (includes stomach) $150
Back upper & lower $150
Underarm $85
Arm $150
Half Arm $75
Leg $190
Half Leg $125
Full Face $100
Chin $36

Sugaring, a form of hair removal that dates back to ancient Egypt, uses a sugar paste consisting of sugar, lemon, and water to extract hair from the root. Hair removal methods are a bit like the seasons—everyone has a favorite. But quite frankly, there is no perfect way to be rid of unwanted hair. Shaving doesn’t last quite long enough, depilatories are hit or miss, and waxing can hurt like hell. But if there were anything close to an ideal way to remove hair, sugaring just might be the answer we’ve been searching for. A traditional ancient Egyptian method of hair removal, sugaring involves using a 100% natural paste to remove hair from its root. Unlike waxing, it doesn’t require strips or cloths for removal, and some even prefer it over other hair removal techniques

Sugaring hair removal uses a sticky, gel-like paste to remove hair. “The paste—which is made up of lemon, sugar, and water—is safe, natural, and uses no chemical additives,” says Accardo. “It’s applied to any area that has unwanted hair and is then removed in the direction of the hair growth.” What’s more, Patel notes that because sugaring doesn’t stick to the top layer of the skin, it doesn’t pull at live skin cells (unlike waxing, which breaks the hair at the surface). Instead, it removes the hair from the root (the bulb at the end of the hair that resembles an onion), making it especially effective for ingrown or curly hair.

First, the area of skin that’s going to be sugared is cleansed. Then, powder is applied, which provides some distance between the skin and sugar paste. Once skin is prepped, the sugar paste is molded while it’s slightly warm and is applied to the skin against the hair growth. The dried paste is then flicked off in the same direction of hair growth.” Yep, that’s it! No cloth strips or sticks needed. Over time (and with consistent upkeep), you’ll notice a reduction of hair growth. Even better, the hairs that do grow in will be thinner, finer, and sparser. One caveat: You’ll need about about an eighth- to a quarter-inch of hair growth in order for the sugar to be able to catch the hairs. Just like with waxing, you’ll have to be OK with a little fuzz in between appointments.

Sugaring is a far superior method of hair removal because when you remove the root, the follicle will have less blood supply to it over time, which will in turn weaken it.  You’ll get less hair growth each time, and the hair that does grow will be finer and sparser.  The end result: smooth, hairless skin, which lasts for four to six weeks.

The sugar paste is usually room temperature, so it can be more comfortable on sensitive skin.  Sugar is less sticky.  While wax adheres to the whole first layer of hair and skin, sugaring only removes hair and dead skin cells, so it can be less painful and cause less irritation and redness. Sugar is organic while wax is synthetic and thus more at risk for skin tears than sugar.

While sugaring is a pretty straight-forward process, there are some things to bear in mind in terms of aftercare, especially when it comes to your lady bits or man parts. After a Brazilian, wearing loose clothing is important to let your skin breathe.  Avoid working out and sitting in a tub, Jacuzzi, sauna, or anything with high heat—the area will be sensitive and is more prone to bacteria. Showering is permitted, but exfoliation should wait an extra 24 hours, as should skin-to-skin contact (yes, that includes sex).

Twenty-four hours post-sugaring, though, it’s a different ballgame. It’s crucial to exfoliate your skin every day to avoid ingrown hairs. Salicylic acid is a great option for exfoliating, as is vitamin E and aloe for moisturizing the skin following a treatment. The primary goal, keeping skin hydrated can help decrease inflammation and the chance of infection.

Sugaring results typically last around three to five weeks depending on the area and the rate at which your hair grows. The beauty of sugaring is that it reduces hair growth over time, meaning you’ll have less hair to sugar each time a new appointment rolls around. We recommend booking your hair removal appointments on a regular maintenance schedule (every four to six weeks) to ensure the smoothest result and most painless service possible.

Sugaring hurts! That being said it’s more gentle than waxing because the sugar lemon mixture is warm and not hot. Also: with waxing, the hair is pulled out from the opposite direction of your follicle’s growth pattern but with sugaring, hair is pulled in the natural direction of the follicle’s growth pattern. One other thing that makes it less painful than waxing is that the paste does not stick to your skin; it only attaches to the hair. Still, you’re pulling hair out so I want to manage expectations: while less painful than waxing, it does hurt quite a bit, especially if you are doing a more sensitive area like the bikini area. The pain level is more in line with tweezing… if you tweezed several hairs at a time!

Epilfree is a hair removal alternative to laser.  Epilfree is a unique, 100% natural and patented European professional hair removal system that combines the simplicity of use, with exceptional results that are equal to laser, but without the limitations and cost. It is an effective natural solution for unwanted hair that works with sugaring/waxing. Epilfree can be used on every Fitzpatrick and over tattoos, with no damage or chance of pigmentation. The EPILFREE solution is based on a unique scientifically formulated combination of natural and safe synthetic ingredients (no chemicals) that inhibits and slows down the regrowth process of unwanted body hair. This  Hair Removal Treatment works in conjunction with a regular sugar/wax routine and is applied post epilation to the treated area.

The EPILFREE treatment works on the empty hair follicles at the dermal layer of the skin, it is effective on all Skin Types and Hair Colors. If the hair is removed from the root, EPILFREE will go to work and stunt the cell division process thus slowing down the hair growth process.  It combines the simplicity with exceptional results that are equal to laser but without the limitations and excessive costs. It is safe and effective for those who have naturally dark or tanned skin or are photo sensitive due to medication. There is never a danger of skin pigmentation before, during or after treatments.

Prior to Treatment: Clients must arrive for treatment with clean skin. Absolutely no residue of lotions, creams, makeup, powders, deodorant, etc. can be on the skin as these may block the follicles. Treatment: All unwanted hair will be thoroughly removed from the treatment area by waxing or Threading (face) before Epilfree is performed.  Please have the hair pre-trimmed to 1/4 inch. We can trim the hair for you for an additional $10.  We use the Epilfree immediately after the hair is removed one section at a time.

Post Treatment: It is very important to not wash or bathe the treated area at all, nor swim, workout or perspire for the next 6 hours. No post-waxing products, creams, lotions, makeup, deodorants, perfumes, etc can be used on the area within the 6 hours after the treatment. If you do not adhere to these instructions, the effectiveness of the treatment will be reduced.

A series of 2-12 treatments is needed to effectively reduce the hair in most areas. Like any other professional service, the overall results will vary depending on the person giving you the treatment If hormone issues are involved it can take more treatments

Typically results become visible after first or second treatment.  It really is depend on individual's hair growth

  • Great for all hair types and colors including blonde or red hair
  • No risk of skin damage
  • No limitation on exposures to the sun after treatment
  • 80% effective in prevention of hair regrowth

The treatment is intended for women and men of all ages including teenagers

The toners contain active ingredients and therefore pregnant and breast-feeding women should not use it or someone with Thyroid problem

It can be used on any treatment area

The short and sweet of it is, everyone's hair grows differently. Typical hair growth is somewhere between 4-6 weeks. If your hair growth takes longer than that, talk with your sugarist and we can get you set up with an appointment schedule that best fits your hair growth.

Some cycles of hair growth will return every 4-6 weeks, some every 1-4 months, and some every 6 years. So when your sugaring technician thoroughly removes every single hair they can see, in a week or so more growth could be popping up that wasn't even visible at the time of your service.

Most people have three phases of hair growth: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. This is complicated hair science language for baby hairs, full grown hairs, and hairs with sheaths. The anagen phase of the hair is the most variable stage of growth, from birth to puberty. So the hair could be entirely beneath the surface of the skin or almost full grown. Both catagen and telogen hairs will be visible and easily removed. After your first appointment, our follow- up service makes it possible for us to catch any of those anagen hairs that emerge a week later.

When it comes to hair removal, it will take about 4-8 visits before all cycles of hair growth are present simultaneously so we can remove them in one fell swoop.

Sugaring is our favorite form of hair removal but with every hair removal service out there sometimes people have a sensitivity. It is important to us to be educated and to educate our guests.

A Histamine Reaction is easily identified by a rash that presents itself as welts or bumps. This reaction may happen immediately after your sugar service. Histamine is very helpful and it works by enlarging the blood vessels and making them easier to penetrate. The body then swells and protects the affected area hence some people may experience swelling.

Sugaring is a quick way to remove hair from most areas of the body. However, it is common for bumps to develop on the skin after Sugaring. Many people will observe small, red bumps on the skin immediately after sugaring. Others may notice them about a week later. View our Blog on sugaring for reasons why this may happen, treatment options and tips to prevent this from happening.

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